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Drone Strike: Tension Beds and Hits

Fulfilling the demands of editors and sound designers, SonicTremor presents DRONE STRIKE, an evocative compilation of fifty drones and their accompanying sound effects. This vast collection of thrilling tension-building acoustic and electronic drone textures, hits, and risers is the perfect companion to SonicTremor’s trailer music libraries.

For maximum flexibility, each drone is presented in multiple versions. Every piece is offered as a 30-second drone, with some containing multiple mix variations. A selection of sound effects are also included for every drone: a drone-impact (the drone coupled with a impactful, ‘big’ boom), an impact-only (boom with no drone), and a riser-impact (drone crescendoing to big boom).

DRONE STRIKE offers an extensive sonic palette of dramatic options, specifically crafted for the demanding world of motion picture, television, and video game advertising campaigns.

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